I studied Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Manchester (1993-1996), a joint Degree course between the faculties of Chemistry and Pharmacy, before carrying out my Ph.D. thesis with Professor John Joule (1996-2001).

After postdoctoral work with Professor E. J Thomas and a period of working for various medicinal chemistry start-up companies I moved to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona in 2004. There I began working with the research group of Professor Josep Bonjoch and began to develop my own lines of research  eventually achieving the position of Associate Professor under the Serra Hunter program in 2015.

Throughout my research career I have been involved with the total synthesis of complex natural products and experiencing firsthand the multiple challenges and difficulties this endeavor presents. As a result my research interests are focused on developing new and efficient methods for the synthesis natural products via the use of large scale organocatalysis, tandem reactions and the development of new methods for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds using Metal-Catalyzed Hydrogen Atom Transfer (MHAT).